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Sugar Mill
Sugar Mill

Founded in 1962, with one of the aims being to gather historical records of the Canterbury District, the Society has since the mid 1980's operated a Family and Local History Research Centre in the historic Beulah Vista home, located at 15 Church St. Canterbury.

Mailing Address: PO Box 49, Campsie NSW 2194

The aim of the Society is....

  • To encourage the study of history, both of the Canterbury District and Australia.
  • To collect records and objects relating to Canterbury's history.
  • To publish journals, periodicals and books relating to the history of Canterbury.
  • Membership Fees:  
  • Regular Member; $20 per annum,                                    Pensioner, Senior, Student, $15 per annum,                    Families/Institutions, $25 per annum                               Supporter/Friends Member (non voting) $5 per annum

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4 weeks ago

Canterbury & District Historical Society

We hosted present students at Beulah Vista last week and the loved the old photos we had of the school#FlashbackFriday Anyone a former Canterbury Public School student? We're sure the school has changed a bit since this photo was taken in c. 1920.

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1 month ago

Canterbury & District Historical Society

#Factoftheweek do you recognise this building? The Astoria Theatre on the corner of Punchbowl Road and Highclere Avenue, Punchbowl, opened in 1935. Its final program was on Wednesday 4 February 1959, and it was eventually closed and refitted as an office building in 1959. ...

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Today at Beulah Vista we hosted the stage 1 &2 students from Canterbury Primary School. They enjoyed looking at changes in technology in the past 150 years. Members of the society demonstrated woodworking tools, and discussed changes in washing,ironing, cooking and cleaning. Favourite items were the 1940’s toaster 19th century chamber pot and some early 20th century toys. They finished their visit listening to a record on the wind up gramophone ...

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